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Updated: Jan 11

I am a strategic learning and marketing professional. I love working with the people, systems, and processes that help others work and communicate more efficiently. I have implemented embedded adult learning practices into marketing, visual and creative design, writing, processes, learning design, sales enablement, and learning implementation projects on a global scale.  

I am a strategic partner within large multinational organizations as well as start-ups. I have had the fortune to provide technical writing and training and development consultation for a rich mix of industries including medical devices companies, manufacturing, pharma, and clinical trial organizations as well as media organizations, sales enablement functions, marketing functions, professional services, non-profits, foundations, government, retail, banking, and financial groups. 

I am a proud member of the Cennea Foundation Board and look forward to continuing my support of the organization through establishing and maintaining processes, structure, and knowledge management. I will continue to support our foundation with creative asset management, training, and community and agency outreach programs.


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