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Albuquerque Involved is celebrating 10 years!

Albuquerque Involved was created to incorporate community service and charitable giving in a meaningful way. The founders, who are all still active with Involved, were busy professionals who wanted to support local organizations through the convenience of monthly online giving and hands-on service projects designed for the whole family. Our hope is for members to find agencies that ignite their passion and inspire them to get Involved in those nonprofits directly.

Since we began collecting member donations for our grant program in August 2013, our members have given over $322,000 in total grants to dozens of local non-profit agencies!

As we’ve worked to both adapt through Covid challenges and provide more support to our community, we’ve added a few concepts to our vision. In 2019 we started the ABQ Involved Mentee program. Originally via the Ronald McDonald House, the “AIM” program we lead runs through the school year to guide high school students through a curriculum that teaches all about nonprofits and grant-making. Each year, thanks to a generous sponsor, they grant out $10,000 in the Springtime. Our call for Fall applications will go out in late Summer.

Another new initiative is our Rapid Response Fund. Using member donations, we designate money that can assist local organizations when a crisis or major event takes place. ABQ Involved has provided these funds to six organizations at over $4,500 since starting the fund in mid 2022. Organizations can reach out to us directly to share their need.

Our grants:

Each month, all member contributions are combined and granted to local nonprofit agencies. We rely on volunteer board and corporate sponsors to cover operating costs.

  • With each new member, our monthly grant amount increases and the greater our impact on our community.

  • Each month, we select 3 grant applicants and post on social media and in our newsletter describing their mission and need.

  • Members then cast votes online for their choice of which of the three organizations should receive our grant.

  • Ultimately, all three nonprofit organizations receive a grant - $2000 to the organization that receives the highest number of member votes, while second and third place organizations receive grants for $500 each.


We see service as a way to connect our members to the community and foster a long-term commitment to philanthropy while having fun with friends, old and new!

  • Monthly opportunities are listed on our website calendar where individuals and groups can sign up as often as they like. Volunteers do NOT have to be members.

  • Events are family-friendly whenever possible to meet ABQ Involved's goal of fostering a tradition of service with our children.

  • We encourage organizations seeking volunteers to contact us any time.

Last but not least:

Our Fall 10 year anniversary celebration is August 12th… and we’re looking for volunteers to join our service projects! Keep an eye on our socials for details. Facebook: Albuquerque Involved Instagram: @ABQInvolved

Contact us at or 505-695-2613.


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