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Updated: Sep 1

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the website! Looking back at my post from June 3rd, I hadn’t realized until I sat to write this update everything that the Foundation has been up to in the past month or so. Check out the Latest News section on the home page to get caught up. It’s a bit dizzying to see it written down. The Foundation is much better prepared to operationalize its mission than even a month ago in large part because of overwhelming community support. I am humbled and grateful.

So much of this success is directly related to the generosity of our donors and the work of our Board of Directors. There are many ways to create organizational impact, and in the past month, many people have stepped up for the Foundation in many ways. Being awarded a $5000 AIMer grant from Albuquerque Involved (our Featured Partner—check out the Featured Partner blog to learn more about the great work they do!) was a major milestone for TCTGSF. A group of young people from Albuquerque Involved comprise the AIMer group who read proposals and decide how to allocate funds. We were able to meet some of the young people behind the AIMer group and I was blown away by their commitment to bettering our community, as well as their belief in our mission. At the award dinner, Drs. Nancy and Joe Croker spent time learning more about the Foundation’s mission and at the end of the evening, matched the award. I was flummoxed. And so very grateful.

Martha Allen’s contribution that underwrote our promotional materials propelled the Foundation into its next stage of development. Contributions from the Hood-Arnold Charitable Fund and Dr. Jonathan Terry directly supported our community outreach efforts and forwarded our Laptop program. The Foundation would not be where it is today without their support.

Some of these opportunities also come from the work of our Board members. Kelly McDonald whose moving piece about her own domestic abuse survival story is featured in the Meet Our Community blog, is a member of Albuquerque Involved and alerted me to the opportunity to apply for the AIMer grant. Ashley McKenna, one of the first people I ever spoke about the idea of a foundation to, told me about a grant through Bernalillo County and helped me to envision the Foundation’s work on a larger scale than I’d ever considered. I just submitted that proposal July 3rd, and she was there to talk me down and through that process.

I’m proud to say that the Foundation has added a new member to our Board. Jane Kasper and I studied together at Oxford University and maintained our friendship from the time of camping out for basketball season tickets at Duke University to her hosting me at her home in St. Paul, MN while Mason is away at hockey camp up there. She’s also one of the most organizationally-savvy and creative people I know and has been hard at work designing and developing our promotional materials. I can’t wait for you to meet her (Bio and pic coming soon!).

Having a community-led board is of utmost importance to the success of TCTGSF. “Community-led” means that the communities the Foundation serves is represented in our decision-making. Our board welcomes inclusion and diversity across race, gender, sexual identity, and socio-economic status. While we could certainly benefit from members with experience in the social media, accounting, and legal fields, we also need members with different cultural experiences. If you’re interested but uncertain whether board membership might be for you, I’d welcome the opportunity to explore possibilities.

I really hope to see you at the Rail Yards Market or at the Chef Battle. Thanks as always for your support. Talk to you again soon.

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